Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free Sarah Palin!

Campbell Brown just gained another heap of respect points from me. She had previously shown some fine journalistic chops by asking a McCain campaign spokesman some hard hitting questions. Now, she puts forward this extremely clever bit of advocacy journalism:

If you're confused about Campbell's charges of sexism, then exactly what other reason could they have for keeping Palin from the media? Campbell's got the McCain campaign trapped in a nasty dilemma, and I love it.


ShinyObject said...
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ShinyObject said...

This is the problem with letting her have access to the media.

Artemis311 said...

Yeah. I saw that interview. What a mess. Gotta love what Headzup did with it though. You can check out that video here:
Maybe Palin has more than just being a beauty queen in common with the girl from SC.