Monday, October 13, 2008

Quick and Dirty

There are exams to be graded, papers to be critiqued, and Bill Maher movies to go see, so I'm a little behind on posting. Here's a few things to tide you over.

The Clintons have come out of their hole to campaign for Obama. It's about time. I'm not one to latch onto conspiracy theories, but I did have moments where I wondered if the Clintons would rather win in 2012 than turn this country around now.

Europeans have presented a relatively unified front on handling what is now a global financial crisis. What a mess this is. Since our banking systems are so interconnected, though, maybe European action on this will help us even if we can't get our act together.

Sarah Palin latches onto one part of the ruling against her while ignoring another. She (rightly) claims that she was cleared of illegally firing Monegan, but neglects to address the finding that she abused her power. The McCain campaign is undoubtedly praying that this will go away, and so far the MSM seems to be answering their prayers.

On a positive note, Connecticut courts have recognized legal gay marriage. Gotta love this quote:

“Once again, you have four unelected judges by a slim margin doing what the people don’t want,” said Kris Mineau, president of the Massachusetts Family

Hmm... see, last I checked, constitutional rights (state or federal) aren't a matter of popular consensus. I'm reminded of that tagline from high school government class: "Majority rules, minority rights."

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