Friday, January 4, 2008

Big Brother is Watching You

People often roll their eyes when I bring up Orwell's 1984 while complaining about some strike against our civil liberties. Well, roll your eyes all you want; just be aware that the government is watching you do it. Privacy International has released the privacy ranking. And the U.S. has moved from bad to worst.

So, why are we now tied with China on a civil liberties issue? Well, you can probably blame the Bush administration, what with their PATRIOT Act and continued strengthening of the NSA and weakening of the FISA court, their warrentless wiretapping, their National Security letters, their data mining, their no-fly lists, and their cameras everywhere! The only thing we need now is really big posters with Dick Cheney's scowling face on them to serve as a frightful reminder that they've always got their eye on us.

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