Wednesday, January 2, 2008

France Too?

Apparently, the French have lost their minds as well. Now, I'm no crazy Libertarian or anything, but it's my personal belief that a business owner should be able to make decisions about what goes on inside his own establishment. Just as some people decide that shoes must be removed in their homes in order to protect their carpet, and others couldn't care less if you walk around their house with big ol' dirty boots on, a business owner should be able to decide whether to allow smoking in his establishment. Potential employees can then choose whether or not they want to work there, and potential patrons can decide whether or not they want to give the place their business. It's simple. And businesses were already catering to non-smokers before most of the American smoking bans even went into effect.

Of course, I'm sure to hear a whole bunch from people about the potential dangers of second hand smoke, etc. Fine. Working in mines is dangerous too. You know this when you walk in. Eating hamburgers all the time will damage your health too. You know this when you walk into McDonalds. It's one thing to prevent people from having to deal with it in busses, trains, etc. That's fine. But when the market not only can but is taking care of something, there is no reason to take away business owner's rights over it.

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