Monday, November 10, 2008

Did I Say The Word?

That question was asked by Joe Scarborough a few moments after he accidentally dropped the F-bomb this morning, live on MSNBC. (Video below for the morbidly curious)

He apologized for the slip after realizing (or being informed by co-hosts) about his mistake, and the cute question from his wife via email was apparently "How big's the fine?"

The sad thing is that we may not be far off from a place where there is actually a rather hefty answer to Mrs. Scarborough's question. The Supreme Court just recently heard arguments over the possibility of penalizing "fleeting expletives", that is, dirty words that slip out on live T.V. - words that the FCC doesn't like.

I personally believe the FCC does way too much regulating already, but I can understand why we would want to keep things that are offensive to many and probably shouldn't be heard by young ears off primetime, shared airwaves. (the shared bit is important - cable, etc, shouldn't be regulated since there are unlimited resources there - broadcast tv and radio are limited resources, owned by the public). But honestly, do we really think it would be fair to fine poor Morning Joe for his slip of the tongue? To use Scalia's word, I think that's gollywaddles.

For those with a philosophical bent - does it matter that it's only a mention?

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Tea said...

Good question :)
In one of the last year's episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry gets in trouble for using the N-word while quoting an idiot who actually used it in a dismissive way.

Larry always gets in trouble because of stupid PC people. I feel for Larry. :)

There's no right not to be offended, and people should grow the F-word up and stop acting like g-d d-mn babies!!