Sunday, November 9, 2008

There's Something Out There....

We all know that the universe is expanding, but a recent study has revealed evidence of a different movement - a movement at a steady speed in one direction. This indicates that there is something, well, pulling on our universe. But what?

It might be another universe, which would mean that our universe is just one bubble afloat in a sea of universes - one part of a multiverse. Pretty cool, huh? As a philosopher I love it, since a multiverse might mean that, with modification, the possible worlds theory of modality that has given metaphysics, philosophy of langauge, and epistemology so much to work with might be concretely realized.

But nothing is certain yet. This result still needs to be confirmed by other scientists. And even if it is, that doesn't necessarily mean that what's pulling on our universe is another universe. It could be... um... something else.

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